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How To Gamble and Survive

Gambling's fun. 80 percent of the US population can't be wrong!

With so many people involved in gambling in one form or another, it's only to be expected that some will go in beyond their means.

The following tips have been put together to help you remain in a position where you can gamble and enjoy it.

1. Educate Yourself

This may seem obvious but all too often gamblers join a game without understanding the rules.

There are books available on every possible aspect of gambling as well as a plethora of information on the Internet so there's absolutely no excuse for not knowing either the odds you'll face when you choose your game and what the best play strategies are. Educate yourself before you start!

2. Know Your Budget

Far too many gamblers go into a game with only a vague idea of how much they can afford to lose. Don't! Make sure you know exactly how much you can spend and stick to it.

Remember that 'Just one more game' is the loser's mantra!

Leave any other cash over and above your limit and any credit cards at home. If you're gambling online, put your credit card in another room as soon as you've bought your 'chips' and DO NOT leave the table!

Another point that's crucial to remember is that you must NEVER, under any circumstance, gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Next week's rent, the money for your car loan, and money that isn't strictly yours to spend are all examples of money you can't afford to lose. Do not touch such money!

3. Keep A Clear Head

We've all seen movies where a group of guys sit in a smoky room with a whisky bottle perched on the poker table. Get rid of that vision now!

If you really want to come away without a loss, it's important that you don't play whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. Any gambler who doesn't have a clear head is in a worse position than his opponents.

Think about this: casinos have always given gamblers drinks on the house. Why? Because they know that the more you booze, the more you'll lose!

4. Forget the Systems

Everybody's seen ads for dead-cert 'systems' that will beat the Lottery, Roulette, and a variety of other games. Thinking of joining a 'system'? Forget it!

Unless a game's rigged there's absolutely no sure way of winning. You can 'invest' in a 'system' if you really must but the only certainty is that you'll end up losing more than you win.

5. Don't Expect To Win, Win, Win!

As much as this isn't what you want to hear, the truth is that casinos would go out of business very quickly if they were dependent on luck to stay alive.

The house will always have an edge and as such, the house will win more often than you do. Turn that around and what does it mean? That you'll lose more often than the house.

Never forget that every casino is in business to make its owners money. They are not charities and they're not playing for entertainment. They're serious businessmen and regardless of what you do, how often you play, or how big your bets are, you will eventually lose. The trick is to make sure you get out while you're ahead as often as possible.

6. Get Out While You're Ahead

Being as this was mentioned above, it's only natural to follow on with it here.

To ensure the casino doesn't take more of your money than you're comfortable with, always get out of the game while your odds are good.

Let's say you've decided to spend $100. A good place to put your limit is at 25 percent. Once you're $25 up on your original 100, leave the table and go home. Don't allow yourself to be tempted into 'one more game' in the hope of improving your winnings; the chances are you'll lose your $25 and most, if not all, of your original $100, too.

Of course, your limit will depend on the odds of the particular game you're playing so it really does pay to do your homework beforehand.

7. Enjoy It!

The final tip is that if you're going to gamble, make sure you enjoy it.

Only 2 percent of casino players are professional gamblers; the rest are ordinary people who enjoy the thrill of the table.

Remember that you're spending money to be entertained. When it no longer entertains you, it's time to throw in the towel.